Sunday, May 6, 2007

In Times Like These

Today's post has cards that were created for a difficult time in the life of family members. My Uncle died and I made one card to send to my aunt, one to my cousin and one for the purpose of of forwarding a memorial gift in his honor. I find this type of card the most difficult to make, but one that means the most for they are truly made
from the heart.

The second post I am proud to say I am way ahead of myself. It is a mother's day card for my mom. Now I just have to buy the gift that goes with it.


Karen said...


Flossie's Follies said...

Well Karen said it first, these are beautiful cards, sure that I will be copying a couple of them.

Kristine said...

Oh WOW!! I LOVE both of these soo much. You've got GREAT STYLE!! :) I just found you, but I will definately be checking back!

Lia said...

ooohhhh these cards are bwuatiful you made the colours are fantastic