Monday, September 17, 2007

Tagged By Flo Follie

Ms. Flo has tagged me, I think. Sometimes it takes me a while. I am not as computer savvy as she is. So here we go.

Four Places I have worked
1. On the tobacco farms in North Carolina
2. Real Estate Office
3. Bank
4. Currently in a law office.

Four Places I have lived
1.Portsmouth, VA
2. Newport News, VA.
I am waiting to complete the next two - maybe when we retire.

Places I have been on vacation
1. New York City - Just loved it
2. Seattle, Washington
3. Fraiser, Colorado
4. Jacksonville, FL - that always ends up costing me a lot of money shopping with my sister

Four Favorite Foods
1. Pasta
2. M & Ms
3. Donuts
4. Mashed potatoes

Four Places I would rather be right now –
1. New Bern, NC my husband is there on a business trip
2. Jacksonville FL stamping with my sister maybe go see Flo Follie
3. New York City
4. Big Stamp Store


Flossie's Follies said...

Glad you liked your visit to NYC, would never live it down if you didn't.

mum on the run said...

I love reading these, I'm SO nosey!! NYC is on my list to visit one day :)

malieta said...

Thank you for sharing, really fun stuff!

Karen said...

Stampin with your sister takes a long while! You may not make it back in time for work :)